Pure Thoughts, a Britain-Made Alternative to Conventional Candles

I love having candles around the house, particularly those that work their aromatherapy magic. However, I also have an infant at home, and my number one priority is always keeping the safest environment possible for him. Having a small child has made me hyper-aware of the number of mainstream things that contain harmful chemicals, and scented candles are no exception. Babies are highly sensitive to smells and chemicals, and it turns out that traditional candles release a lot of toxins when they’re burning. With that knowledge, my quest to find natural candles that wouldn’t jeopardise the health of my family began: the last thing I’d ever want to do is pollute the air inside the safe space of my home.

As an aromatherapy lover, I’m looking for soothing smells whenever I search for candles. Meanwhile, as a firm believer in sustainability, I also need to find a brand that matches ethical standards. Lastly, as a mum, I’m looking for something that the grownups in the house can enjoy that doesn’t come close to harming the little one. I’m happy to say that, after searching for a while, I’ve finally found the perfect brand: Pure Thoughts.

A small business owned and managed by a family in Derbyshire, the guys at Pure Thoughts make natural candles, aromatherapy products, and soaps, based on working with essential oils. They’re truly meticulous in creating products that are mindful and friendly to the environment: their lines are 100% cruelty-free and vegan, free of SLS and parabens, and completely lacking in synthetic fragrances and colouring. Pure Thoughts has been featured in a lot of prominent publications in Britain and throughout Europe, and I’ve personally really fallen in love with their products.

The entire concept behind Pure Thoughts is focused on mindful and holistic living, emphasising calm to focus on the everyday hassle. They have an aromatherapy collection that includes smudge sticks, made from white sage harvested sustainably in California, and then made by hand without further additives. However, the scents that have become a staple in my home have been those from their candles. The Pure Thoughts candles have lemongrass, lavender, geranium, and patchouli essential oils. Each of them was crafted to enhance a particular mood, and whether or not you partake in the power of aromatherapy, there’s an undeniably soothing quality about being surrounded by lovely smells.

Besides the lovely and relaxing smells that their meditation candles provide, the thing that calls me the most about their candles is the knowledge that I’m only bringing natural components into my home. Pure Thoughts candles are made out of 100% vegetable soy wax (no paraffin whatsoever), completely free from pesticides and GMM, with 100% cotton wicks. As their products are hand-poured instead of mass-made, there aren’t any strange added conservatives that will linger in the air once I’ve lit up. Instead, I get over 18 hours of burn time and the scent of entirely pure essential oils, without concerning myself with what kind of air the little guy has to breathe.

Link to their official website here.

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