Brand favourite: Beaumont Organic

T-shirt: Beaumont Organic: Monkee Genes

We love Beaumont Organic‘s slow fashion message…but who are they? Well, to many they are the home of organic & ethical luxury – contemporary conscious clothing. Pop along to the brands’ workshops, discover their in-store events, and dig into their ethics to find out more. But, what is slow fashion and how can consumers support it?

The term Slow Fashion came about quite organically. It was coined by Kate Fletcher of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, following the phenomena of the slow food movement. As with the slow food movement, Fletcher saw a need for a slower pace in the fashion industry.

As a movemeent it pushes for more considered approach to fashion including elements such as good quality, clean environment, and fairness for both consumers and producers. Slow Fashion requires designers to design and create for quality and longevity – this includes more sustainable construction methods, slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints, and (where possible) zero waste. It also puts emphasis on the art of clothes making and celebrates the skills of the craftspeople who make them. However, the onus does not rest solely on producers, slow fashion asks consumers to…well slow down too! Whilst high street brands churn out collections at an alarming rate, we have the option of saying no. We can support slow fashion by spending a little more and buying higher quality, and making it last – this includes how we look after our garments! As I. mentioned in this iD film, garment care is a big deal.

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