I love meeting designers, creatives, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers and stylists from across the globe. If you are interested in collaborating or would simply like to say hello, reach out! You can fill out your details on this page or contact me here. These are my current locations and why I travel to these hotspots:


  1. Los Angeles, USA
    Vice President of Red Carpet Green Dress for Suzy Amis Cameron & connecting with fashion lovers
  2. New York, USA
    Home to my book publisher Bloomsbury and global fashion week epicentre
  3. London, United Kingdom
    Currently reside in London with my husband and a wonderful family. If you are this side of the pond – drop me a message!
  4. Accra/Tamale, Ghana
    My family are from Ghana, and I am excited to see how the fashion industry will thrive and develop here
  5. Paris, France
    The inspirational home of couture fashion and craftsmanship, also the destination of my first ever buying trip aged 21 and a favourite place for architecture and food
  6. Milan, Italy
    Global fashion weeks and a perfect starting point for good food in Italy

Where else do I need to drop a pin? Is there a destination I should visit? Let me know.

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