* Update December 2018 * As you all know, I love a good head wrap! I find them super convenient when I’m rushing out of the house and don’t have time to do my hair, but these pieces of fabric aren’t solely off-duty pieces – they can make much more of a statement (one of my scarves made it onto VOGUE here), so don’t only think of them as a casual look. The right headwrap transforms an outfit and helps you transition a look from day to night without having to change effortlessly (in the actual sense of the word truly). Take a look below at some of my favourite picks below.

      1. Discover Echo
      2. Find out more about British brand Lily and Lionel
      3. Get a statement headpiece with this ‘Never Lets Me Down’ HeadbandMarian Eespaev
      4. Discover Texas and the Artichoke, a London based home ware and fashion accessories brand founded by Paula Benvegnú.
      5. Take a look at Santorus for the most incredible prints! Worn by me for my Voix Meets Mode shoot here. The design duo behind the brand come from a background rich in design and from their Italian/Indian cultural heritage stems the imaginative, signature eclectic prints you will discover.
      6. Discover Alber Zoran, a modern, elegant brand offering a wide range of high quality scarves produced with attention to detail and elegant designs.When I dropped most of my Pinterest folders, I kept this one board going because head wrap styling never bores me.So far no-one has impressed me as much with their headscarf stying as my beautiful friend Shingai, she is a genius with a head wrap – take a look for yourself. If you have any wrap-loving friends share this post with them and let us know your recommended brands in the comments below, and if you enjoy our content – sign up below.

Head wraps are really not complicated, in fact, they are extremely versatile pieces of fabric you can create wonderful shapes and silhouettes with, to accentuate any face shape. From elaborately twisted turbans to braid like wraparounds, imaginative knots, pleats and folds, no piece of fabric is as charmingly versatile as a head wrap. Think you don’t have the right head shape to suit a headscarf? You could not be more wrong. Don’t know where to start with wrapping one? Well, a good place to start is the now infamous Hermes infograph showing customers 21 different ways to tie (the Hermes app  even has video tutorials, how-to diagrams and photos), or the popular #30DaysofWrap hashtag on Instagram where you can scroll through posts and be inspired by the different ways that women are wearing and styling their beautiful wraps.

From elegant to downright funky, from African to European, from the gele to the babushka head scarf to the pleated turban, it’s all covered. For some practical tips take a look at this turban tutorial by lifestyle and fashion v|blogger Dina Tokio with Liberty London, wearing two of my favourite styles.

Every few months head wear is reinvented so you can constantly update your style. If you need some extra inspiration, here are a few of my all time favourites – these picks will always stay on trend and help you keep your wardrobe fresh without buying yet another new piece (if you have a fabulous head wrap who is looking at your outfit anyway?!).

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