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Ethical womenswear brand Beaumont Organic teams contrasting fabrics and unconventional silhouettes with luxury organic, fairtrade and eco fabrics to offer a thorough and complete wardrobe of transitional (day to night, dress up or dress down) pieces. Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia, Director of Beaumont Organic, is inspired by the desire to make changes within an industry which is increasingly being held accountable for its environmental impact; Beaumont-Laurencia’s way of making that difference involves producing ethically, reducing waste, using off-cuts for sampling where possible and keeping consumption low, “My vision is for Beaumont Organic to be a Pioneering Global Premium Contemporary Conscious Clothing Brand.”

With her eyes set on positioning the brand at the cutting edge of the conscious design movement, I interviewed Beaumont-Laurencia about her approach to sustainable fashion, or rather as the designer prefers to describe it, ‘Contemporary Conscious Clothing’.


– How do you approach sustainability within your brand?

We use environmentally friendly fabrics made with approved certification social levels for example the GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard- certification (defined and established world-wide recognised requirements ensuring the organic status of textiles). Social levels are also carefully vetted at our factories which are based in Portugal and the UK and governed under strict regulations.

– How do you ensure transparency within the chain?

We ask question, check certification, vet, visit, and then ultimately when we are not there, we trust. We have longstanding relations with many of our manufactures, which is key in building trust.

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– How and why is making in Britain important to you? (if you manufacture in the UK)

We only make a small selection of the luxury woven range in the UK – it is important to support the local industry where you can – however jersey is our key area and this is better made in Portugal.

– What does quality mean for your brand?

It is hugely important. Beaumont Organic is a premium brand and with a high quality of product, the same level of packaging and service is expected. We use only the finest fabrics and the best factories. Our designs are carefully thought through, for fit and styling and we add small details to our collection to make them extra special. Then, when our clothing arrives we carry out stringent quality control checks with a zero tolerance policy.

– Describe your brand in 5 words?

Effortless, Contemporary, Conscious, Organic, Luxury.

Pick up Beaumont Organic here and read article in Huffington Post here.

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