In Praise Of Shadows

Homage post. I just published a piece on my site about the intersection of culture and sustainable fashion within Japan, featuring insight from a little chat I had with MOMA’s Reiko Sudo.

Background – I studied Japanese at college because I had a deep interest in the culture. Connecting the dots between culture and sustainability, I am frequently awed by the close relationship between the two. One philosophy example is Japanese author Jun’ichirō Tanizaki’s 1993 ‘In Praise of Shadows; a book which gives insight into Japanese aesthetics and ripples hugely into the eco fashion movement. From the Japanese spirit of “Mottainai” – which means not letting things that have value go to waste – to a clear love of the imperfect. It’s all there. Think natural dye blemishes vs synthetic dye uniformity and reverence for non-repetitive items (anti-fashion fashion).

Pictured wearing a kimono in homage to the culture. Eastern dragons (water creatures) are protective and wise, often a symbol of wealth. With the ability to shape shift, they also represent transformation.

For any followers of mine who are Japanese, if you feel I have not done this story justice please let me know. This post is meant to be a respectful homage to the culture, and not offensive.

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