Protect your designs – ACID member and proud

I am now officially  member of ACID. I hope that all of the designers amongst us who read my blog will consider joining up to protect their creative work, Anti-Copying in Design is a membership organisation, committed to raising awareness and encouraging respect for intellectual property within corporate social responsibility. The ACID logo is recognised as a strong symbol of deterrence from copying when sharing your work with other people as part of the creative process.


As a member I am entitled to services which help protect my designs (sending to yourself recorded delivery is not a proven method and no longer cuts it); I also have access to the legal services of a City law firm and access to a design bank where my designs are uploaded and registered with ACID. Being part of an organisation like ACID gives you more confidence to share your designs, for example with your manufacturing team. If you are interested in finding out more this is a good starting point.

Samata x

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