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Eek. Today the UK voted for BREXIT, and whilst I know very little about the future, the one thing I know for sure is that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Dungarees –  ASOS Petite | T-Shirt and Hoodies – World Changer | Boots – Mark Charles (sadly talented independent Mark Charles stopped designing, I am hoping he will start up again)

What’s the point of a statement t-shirt if the statement is a dud? Say something worth saying or don’t say anything at all – it can be funny or political but one thing it shouldn’t be is meh. Examples? Well, Greenpeace’s Detox Fashion or Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution pieces, with their pointed spotlight on the environmental impact of the fashion industry and/or the need for a collective movement to combat climate change, both start a conversation worth having. Musician Mikel Ameen’s Martina Luther Queen dialogue – which for me runs in the veins of #BlackLivesMatter – does the same thing, by encouraging me to appreciate my heritage and to appreciate a beauty not often applauded by the mainstream.

The World Changer pieces go even further, letting me know it’s more than OK to see myself as a Queen and an activist (his ‘Martina Luther Queen’ is an anthem to celebrate all amazing women), that is is necessary. Honestly, so much goodness on one t-shirt, sigh. According to his brother, actor Aml Amin ‘Every woman is a queen and should feel like one’. Obviously, I couldn’t agree more and I wore mine the day before I attended the Oscars, pairing it with an all black look, a la Black Panther. Let’s just say it was manic, sink or swim time and I was getting in a ‘mindset’ and that was exactly what I wanted to convey – an almost militant vibe. Why? We had two beautiful actresses walking the carpet for Suzy Amis Cameron’s project Red Carpet Green Dress, Lily Cole and Sophie Turner, AND Chris Rock was hosting the first ever Oscars after the diversity controversy. This t-shirt was definitely a nod to that crucial ‘Let’s do this’ attitude I needed, and in a strange way it empowered me. People reacted to me when they saw it, they gave me space and ‘the nod’. Today, as the UK voted for BREXIT, this statement means just as much to mean today. I think it’s important to support emerging talent and small independent labels. So, the next time you’re thinking of hitting the high street, why not check out our other edits for brand inspiration and choose to shop from carefully chosen curated brands? Look out for our next post about statement style, including this dope KALE T-shirt.

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