STYLE FILE: Maison De Mode Honours Suzy Amis Cameron Event, Los Angeles

My gorgeous dress for tonight is from NYC brand AMUR! The brands name stands for Mindful Use of Resources (AMUR) and was born from the concept that great style does not have to come at the expense of our environment. In the words of creative director Sofia Shannon “Nature is the ultimate luxury…” and the interplay between creativity and the environment is essential to her worldview. AMUR believes that design can strike a balance between beauty and good intentions. 

Dress – Amur | Hand bagSarah’s Bag | Ring  – ADORN | Photo credit – Brandon Hickman

Materials are such a huge part of the sustainable conversation, and with AMUR all materials are sourced with an eye toward environmental good, whether organic and natural fabrics, reclaimed fibers that conserve material resources or trims made by artisan collectives in the developing world.The brands’ commitment to sustainability goes down to the fiber itself. The brand works closely with suppliers to source and create one-of-a-kind fabrics that are as luxurious as they are conscientious. Each season, this starts with natural textiles—both for their airy, second-skin feel and their ecological advantages. Within this category, we incorporate certified organic cotton and silk, along with staple fibers like hemp and linen, which require very little water or fertilizer to grow. They also include forest-friendly cellulosic materials like cupro, a soft and silky fabric made from reclaimed cotton linter. The third pillar of our collection is regenerated textiles—waste material spun into fiber, used to form fine fabrics and trims. More to come on this brand soon!

My bag for this evening is from Sarah’s Bag, a Lebanese fashion house and social enterprise that creates one-of-a- kind luxury handcrafted bags and accessories that empower both the women who make them and the women who wear them. Dynamic, passionate and determined, with an epicurean’s delight in beauty and art, founder and creative director Sarah Beydoun designs handbags and accessories that are known for their intricate craftsmanship, attention to detail and vibrant, high-spirited appeal.

Born and raised in Beirut, Sarah’s unconventional journey in fashion began during her final year of a graduate degree in sociology, when she was conducting research at Dar Al Amal, an NGO that rehabilitates women at risk and female ex-prisoners. Soon after, she decided to set up a business that would train and employ the women she’d met during her fieldwork. More to come on Sarah’s Bag.

Adore Adorn create and this Missy Ring – Gold, Pearl and Emerald is no exception! Inspired by the distinct beauty of a woman’s natural, multi-ethnic hair and facial features, this piece is made of metal that creates a distinctive wave of the hair, where the outset fresh-water pearls follow along with the natural pattern.

It is designed to be stacked with other rings from the FACES collection featuring Hand-picked Freshwater Pearls and Natural Emerald Eyes.

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