Sustainable mentality

Disheartened to hear about the lengthly queues on the high street as commerce slowly returns. A gentle reminder not to sleep on vintage stores and charity shops just because you have bought into the belief that pre-loved clothes are dirty or cheap! Absolute myth.

My most epic skirt right here was a charity shop buy. Just saying. They are a gold mine for genuine vintage and retro goods, scattered with hidden gems and celebrate your individuality. Curate your wardrobe people with a bit of everything. The nostalgia is real and knowing that your money is going towards real, life-changing services out in the global community matters. Many cultures circulate clothing and hold beautifully made items in high regard regardless of past ownership. The idea that we must always relentlessly consume something new and shiny is a high-pressure fast fashion mentality, one to convince you that feeling and looking good can only be connected to owning new things all the time. How many people survived quarantine without having to run to the high street? Exactly.

By all means treat yourself and shop, but your identity doesn’t have to be tied to new new new. Part of feeling I Am Enough lies in questioning what the material possessions we own mean to us and why, and not being sheep.

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