TN2020 Member Samata featured in Highlight video

In June of 2010, the Transatlantic Network 2020 spent 5 days exploring the challenges and innovations of the city of Chicago, and planning cooperative projects across the Atlantic to build positive social change. TN2020 is a network for action which brings together  emerging leaders from Europe and North America to revitalize transatlantic and global links for the future – the network includes young professionals from business, civil society, the arts, science and media who are on track to lead their professions and societies by 2020. Watch Samata’s interview in the highlights video below (from 5:50).

The British Council, the UK’s cultural relations organization, created the TN2020 in order to continue to strengthen and revitalize the transatlantic relationship, particularly among leaders who reflect the new dynamics and demographics on both sides of the Atlantic.  Accomplished members ranging from the Editor-at-Large of Wired UK, to the social media strategist for NASA, to a huge number of advisers to the UN, EU Parliament and World Trade Organization.

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