2020, what a year…

What can I say?

This year started, as always, with hope and ambition. Freshly relocated to Los Angeles, a landscape of opportunities and an intention to make the year defining.

Boy, did it humble me, humble us?
A year saying to you…”I have other plans, humble yourself. Care for each other. Slow down. Stop taking it all for granted. Surrender yourself to things out of your control. To loving your loved ones harder, appreciating their hugs and the touches you take for granted.

Appreciate your privilege. The safety net of your health care, your job, your ability to pay bills whilst you complain about the challenges of having too many choices.”

A year where so many people died and lost loved ones, had their mental health, well and truly, tested. People lost their jobs, and a sense of meaning, some sadly becoming homeless and vulnerable.

If 2020 took a toll on you, like it did on me in one way or another, please take care of yourself and your loved ones. 2021 will be what it will be – but you making it through regardless is my wish for you.

Happy New Year!

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