Dear 2021

Dear Community,

We wanted to wish our community a Happy New Year ahead. We also wanted to take a moment to appreciate the fact that we have all made it through one of the most challenging years of our lifetimes. We feel gratitude and humility in equal measure.

As an organisation, we want this new year to bring a renewed and intense focus on value and values. The fashion industry must move towards forming new, more respectful, load-sharing relationships with all of the people within its value cycle. It is time to commit to measuring progress and success with new people-centric metrics, specifically we are talking about the care economy, authentic representation, quality of the environment and the equitable distribution of revenue across the value cycle. It is time that we normalised an imperfect journey which includes sharing our vulnerabilities and failings. No one and no organisation is perfect, and so it is time that we started sharing the truth about the elements we have not mastered in this sustainable space, and not continue to only put a spotlight on the areas where we excel. It is time to be transparent about how we are trying to be better and where we are trying to get to.

It is time for considered conversations to give way to fast-paced action. The time for game plans from the bench is over. We have an opportunity to show up as more determined humankind, especially after the year that we have all had. We truly hope that we do this work, in 2021 and far beyond.
Samata, Suzy and Team RCGD

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