Sustainable fashion needs to be design-led – The Guardian

Extract: ‘Style is supreme in the world of fashion. Ethical companies must recognise this and focus on innovation to make sustainability on trend.  

Ten years ago, a definition of sustainable fashion by a high street shopper might have included the words hemp, natural and definitely organic. I too would probably have said something similar. But after immersing myself in the world of sustainability and working with eco activist Suzy Amis Cameron (wife of James Cameron) and the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, I have come to appreciate that it can be inspiring, commercially viable, and bang on-trend. The transformation in my thinking was also influenced by reading Sass Brown’s Eco Fashion, and Safia Minney’s Naked Fashion.

One year into my role as global campaign director of Red Carpet Green Dress, a sustainable dress design contest founded by Cameron in 2009, I realise that there is the potential to lead a revolution in the way the fashion industry is run.’ Read Samata’s full article on the Guardian here.

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