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Sustainable travel cases aren’t the easiest thing to come by. For those of us who sometimes feel like we live between airports, it can be difficult to come across a good case that won’t break entirely in the middle of a trip, exposing every possession you’ve brought along. There’s a general idea that only the newest suitcases will stand the test of time, but the notion is changing thanks to efforts in green creation from smaller brands. Thankfully, bigger ones are also growing greener.

There are few things I love more than finding a small ecological brand that’s had its eye in sustainability since its inception. I love championing the little guys who have crafted a great product by thinking of their impact on this Earth from the get-go and tailoring what they are creating with sustainability as a goal at all times. However, there’s a particular sense of excitement in seeing the big companies jump on the sustainable wagon, particularly those with big factories around the world that can make a significant difference with their every move. Seeing large and well-known companies investing in new green materials fills my heart with joy because it means we’re making a difference, as they’re listening to ethical consumers and catering to them. And Samsonite is the latest big company to dip its toe on the sustainable side of life.

This American giant of luggage manufacturing has just released its first-ever range of eco collections in Europe. With them, they’ve announced the creation of two new conscious materials: Recyclex fabric (made entirely out of recycled PET plastic bottles) and recycled polypropylene, which would have ended in landfills otherwise. They’ve also incorporated eco-conscious smaller details, such as using reclaimed wood waste for the logo and ID tag and handles combining said wood with natural cork. Their new products, light for secure handling yet strong enough to withstand the beatings of travelling, have added these materials to their compositions.

Recycling and repurposing materials that have been deemed “finished” or “damaged” is one of the best ways we have to be conscious of every layer of fashion. Creating new things out of pre-processed materials can give our planet a little bit of breathing room – and possibly a lot of it if there’s a domino effect. The fact that a large company is developing new materials out of recycled pieces is the kind of thing we need for others to feel inspired to follow – there’s so much “litter” that can be transformed into something new, giving it new life after the supposed end of this cycle.

I travel a lot for work, and I’m always in need of sturdy suitcases that will stand the test of time and quite literally take me places. I love that this new Samsonite range includes several new collections, both for light day travelling and longer trips. They offer backpacks in several sizes, even the kind you’ll need when you’re travelling across the continent, and four-wheeled hard cases for those who, like me, will need to move around continuously with a trustworthy bag. And they can do it sustainably, through a brand they’re already familiar with! Find out more about the eco-range available.

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