London Fashion Week SS17 for Huffington Post

I am excited to be covering London Fashion Week for the Huffington Post and to bring you some inspiring and creative content – we also have our Red Carpet Green Dress winning student, Talia Connelly, in town for the month of September for her internship with famed fashion house Vivienne Westwood, so it is all go, go, go! Be sure to follow @RedCarpetGreenDress on Instagram and Twitter to find out more about what Talia gets up to. If you support what I am doing and want to keep up during London Fashion Week Spring Summer 17 (and hopefully encourage me too!) – I ask you to please do the following:

Follow me on InstagramFacebookTwitter. My personal style outfits will be tagged #InSamatasOwn. I have set myself the challenges to dress completely ethically and sustainably for fashion week, to pick up my looks you can visit this page and click on the corresponding images.

Follow#SamataAroundFashionWeek for my candid shots of what is going on around me from runway shows to after parties, including my stay at St Martins Lane Hotel, Covent Garden.

Finally, sign up for my next newsletter by clicking the link below, for a summary of the month of September when we get to the end!

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