What Natural Skin Care Ingredients Are Most Effective?

By Sophia Smith

It’s become very clear that people are increasingly realizing that taking the natural route in almost all aspect of life is the best route they could possibly take. In our pursuits of health and wellness we have turned to organic and locally sourced food, we’re beginning to replace disposable and short-lived garments with those made of such organic fabrics, and according to a survey, 41% of women would turn to natural and organic skincare and beauty products given the opportunity. The reasons are clear – natural is healthy. The ingredient list is short, and the general rule of thumb is – the shorter the list, the safer the product. With natural products what you see is what you get.

By now, almost everyone is familiar with the long term benefits the skin reaps from being slathered with natural products as opposed to synthetic ones, but let’s dig a little deeper and discover which of the most commonly used ingredients have proven to be the most effective, and the list includes even ingredients that aren’t necessarily a part of topical solutions only.

Tea tree oil

When it comes to fending off the pesky acne, clogged pores, and oily skin that has a tendency to produce excessive amounts of sebum, tea tree oil is probably the Holy Grail ingredient for all of those who are born with this skin type and battle with these skincare conditions. It contains both natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Of course, there is a slight downside to this product for some as every skin is different. Certain people tend to react badly to products based on this ingredient as it causes them swelling, but this only occurs when a high-concentration of this ingredient is present. So, if you’re not certain if this is the right main ingredient for you, try a product that contains smaller dosages and give it a test run before you dive in and commit to an entire line.

The liquid gold

Argan oil is often referred to as liquid gold, as it’s a completely organic ingredient that derives from the kernels of the argan tree. It’s main ‘selling point’ is that it’s packed with natural fatty acids as well as vitamin E. Aside from being one of the favorite facial oils for people with different skin types, due to its incredible nurturing and moisturizing properties, it’s also used for repairing dry an damaged hair. Now, there are many wonderful facial oils and moisturizers out there that give the skin that extra plumpness and radiant youthful look, but the reason argan oil is a cult favorite among both celebrities as well as mortals is that the skin absorbs it quickly, it’s not greasy or sticky, yet it provides the ultimate moisturizing experience.

Another precious oil

Some of the best natural skincare products contain the miraculous jojoba oil and there is more than one reason as to why this is so. Namely, jojoba oil is a liquid wax extracted from the nut of an indigenous American shrub. In essence, this is a vegetable oil, one that has replaced animal fat in numerous skincare products. Why? Because unlike animal fat as well as numerous other vegetable oils, this particular one is highly resembling to the skin’s natural sebum, and therefore has the ability to act as a natural skin conditioner. It is incredibly moisturizing and therefore represents another Holy Grail ingredient that dehydrated skin types benefit most from. Aside from that, thanks to its waxy constitution, it is the perfect barrier between the skin and external pollutants, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

The popular choice

It’s no secret that when it comes not only to skin, but entire body and even hair pampering, many people have been putting their trust in the affordable yet incredibly effective coconut oil. Aside from belonging to the proud family that goes by the name superfoods, this oil is increasingly being used as a regular topical solution. Women all over the world use it to remove their makeup, as a moisturizer, hair mask and body lotion. Why? Because the presence of fatty acids makes it rich and healthy whether consumed or applied topically, and the lauric acid and monolaurin, both present in the oil, have the ability to kill bacteria inside and out, and that is always a major plus.

All the rage

In the recent years matcha tea has experienced a spike in popularity. People have replaced coffee with matcha tea, all for its numerous health benefits. According to Matcha Source, powdered green tea has 137 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea, which means that by drinking just one cup of this amazing and powerful tea, you are filling up on healthy and anti-aging antioxidants, and as there is a strong connection between the gut and the skin, it’s only a matter of time before your inner health reflects on your skin. However, you don’t have to wait that long because the matcha powder has become one of the most favorite ingredients for homemade face masks as it does wonders for both removing impurities and evening out your skin tone.

While on the subject of superfoods

It has been established a while ago, that, as stated, there is an inextricable bond between the gut and the skin. Therefore, if you crave for a skin that is beaming with naturally-achieved radiance, make sure to turn to such superfoods that include coconut oil, matcha tea, but also goji berries and berries in general – packed with antioxidants, as well as leafy greens and numerous other delicious produce. You can make incredible smoothies to kick-start your metabolism and begin the morning on a healthy note, and with a combination of amazing and highly effective topical solutions and these superfoods, you will never feel the need to reach for skincare products that contain potentially harmful chemicals.

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