Samata Pattinson joins The Act on Fashion Coalition alongside powerful Ambassador Circle


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The Act on Fashion Coalition Celebrates Momentum Around the Fashion Act at the Edition Hotel and Announces The Ambassador Circle 

The bill (S4746) aims to regulate the unchecked global apparel industry by requiring global brands meet environmental and labor standards. 

New York, NY (September 13, 2023) — Announcing over 80 co-sponsors in the New York legislature, the Act on Fashion Coalition came together Wednesday evening to celebrate important momentum in advance of the reintroduction of the Fashion Act (the Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act S4746/A4333A) in the upcoming legislative session. 

The coalition welcomed new participants including: Black in Fashion Council, Future Earth, EcoAge, Megan Boone, South Bronx Unite,, the House of LR&C, and Maria McManus, who are joining an already broad network of supporters. 

Celebrity attendees included Rosario Dawson and Megan Boone

Megan Boone stated: “I support the Fashion Act, because with it I believe that the fashion industry can become what it’s meant to be, a place of beauty and pure expression, by accounting for how it treats the human bodies it touches. When I engage in one of life’s fanciful delights, and dress for a character or a special event, or see a fellow actress, or public figure in a garment that stuns me with its beauty my joy, my belief in that beauty quickly dissolves with my awareness of the human suffering, pollution, and exploitation likely left in its wake. Art, beauty, showmanship, expression, all of which we aim to celebrate through fashion is sullied by its massive contribution to climate change, exploitation of garment workers, and toxic waste. We need policy like the Fashion Act to pass in order to move toward a true expression of beauty and a future on this beautiful planet.” 

The Coalition also announced a powerful leadership tier of ambassadors including: Francesca Burns, Alex Carl, Summer Dean, Kelly Dempsey, Kristy Drutman, Kestrel Jenkins, Heidi Kaluza, Sophia Kianni, Sophia Li, Alec Leach, Aalia Oursbourn Mauro, Aditi Mayer, Maya Penn, Brett Staniland, Samata Pattinson, Thania Peck, Elizabeth Salim, Marina Testino and Annie Wu. Together these influencers have an enormous audience to activate in the democratic process. 

Samata Pattinson, cultural sustainability pioneer said, “It was imperative for me to be an ambassador for the Fashion Act. Legislative changes stand as a core means to drive profound industry transformation. While mechanisms like citizen engagement and self-regulation hold immense value, their impact can only go so far when it comes to achieving sweeping change. In the world of fashion, time is of the essence, and legislation can apply the needed pressure.” 

“This week alone we have experienced climate disasters on unprecedented levels, from the flooding in Libya to the earthquake in Morocco,” said Sophia Li, journalist and climate

advocate, “We know the climate crisis is here and the most impactful way forward for systemic change is legislation. The Fashion Act will solidify legislation for what brands are already committing to publicly, this will just hold them accountable to their statements. The Fashion Act will not only help cut through greenwashing but usher in the fashion industry into a planetary era that is long overdue. 

“Climate solutions in 2023 require a multi-pronged approach with exponential thinking at its core. I am honored to join this group that not only inspires individual change, but collective action as well. Transforming the fashion industry is no easy feat and advocating for the Fashion Act is paramount to the process of removing barriers to implement transparency as a key tenet in big fashion business models. With climate disasters accelerating across the globe and at home here in the US, greenwashing has no place in the future of fashion and bold legislative action will ensure that this is the case” said Heidi Kaluza, creator, writer and angel investor. 

Kelly Dempsey, circular fashion designer and advocate, said “My involvement in the industry has opened my eyes to the alarming malpractices within fast fashion. Witnessing the environmental toll and the exploitation of voiceless garment workers fuels my determination for positive change. Fast fashion urgently demands our attention. We need legislators to take this matter seriously and prioritize the passage of this bill, ensuring that together, we drive the change that the industry and our planet so desperately need.” 

Summer Dean, climate diva and sustainable fashion advocate, said, “I am thrilled to be an ambassador for the Fashion Act because it is a tremendous opportunity for the State of New York to become a global leader when it comes to fashion‘s role in solving the climate crisis. With the right legislation, the fashion industry CAN align with IPCC and be a part of climate solutions; this is why we cannot wait any longer to pass the Fashion Act.” 

Brett Stanliland, model and responsible fashion advocate, said, “The climate crisis is right on top of us now. The need for change has never been greater and whilst consumers can drive change in some ways, the main driving point for systemic change is through legislation. Using our collective voices to drive forward the Fashion Act is vitally important. Through this action, we strive to hold the largest contributors to the fashion climate crisis and exploitation of people accountable.” 

The coalition was joined by the prime sponsors of the legislation: Assemblywoman Dr. Anna Kelles and State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal; and co-sponsor of the legislation, Assemblywoman Michelle C. Solages. 

State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal said, “The supply chains for many of our most famous clothing brands are filled with egregious environmental pollution and labor abuse. It’s past time to hold these companies accountable in reducing their environmental and social impacts. Our Fashion Act (S4746) will put power into the consumer’s hands to better know where their dollar is going and ensure brands they buy are complying with environmental and labor standards and continually minimizing their harmful practices. The Fashion Act is good for our planet, good for labor, and good for business.”

“Sustainability and human rights are fashionable, but only if we collectively commit to making it so,” said Assemblywoman Dr. Anna Kelles. “During this 2023 Fashion Week, in addition to appreciating the latest designs on the runway, we must also examine the fashion industry’s global climate impact and labor practices. The fashion industry is responsible for as much as 8.6% of global greenhouse gas emissions and has been permitted to operate unchecked by regulations that would curb both pollution and the use of exploited, forced, and child labor. It’s critical that government play an equal and active role with the industry to achieve human rights and environmental sustainability targets. I am proud to be the prime sponsor of the Fashion Act in the New York State Assembly, and to partner with all stakeholders to set binding environmental targets to reduce those impacts. The Fashion Act is good for the environment, good for workers, good for industry, and good for New York, the world’s fashion capital.” 

Assemblymember Michaelle C. Solages said “As we celebrate creativity and style during Fashion Week, it’s vital that we remember our responsibility to our planet. Unregulated fast fashion poses a serious threat to Earth. While we all enjoy affordable style, we cannot let it 

hinder our journey toward strong environmental safeguards. I look forward to supporting common sense measures to improve the fashion industry by enhancing both our personal well-being and the health of our ecosystem.” 

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