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LOS ANGELES, Tuesday, October 10 – Vegan Fashion Week (VFW), the world’s leading ethical luxury event celebrated its 5th Anniversary with a grand show of compassionate fashion, featuring a host of celebrities who came out in support of the sustainable fashion movement. The event was held at the stunning California Market Center in the heart of Los Angeles.

Notable stars graced the black carpet, making a resounding statement for ethical and cruelty-free fashion. These included motivational speaker and award-winning podcast host, Jay Shetty; renowned actress from Netflix’s ‘Never Have I Ever’, Richa Moorjani; Maggie Baird, noted actress and mother of Grammy-winning artist, Billie Eilish; and rising Hollywood star, Caylee Cowan. In addition, other high-profile guests such as Lilly Krug, actress and social media personality; ‘American Pie’ actress Tara Reid; ‘Elvis’ actress Natasha Basset; Jessica Belkin, ‘Bling Empire’ star Kelly Mi Li and Samata Pattinson were among those in attendance, demonstrating their endorsement of Vegan Fashion Week.

The event celebrated not only five years of Vegan Fashion Week but also the resolute stance of the fashion industry towards prioritizing sustainability, animal welfare, and social justice. VFW continues to pioneer and redefine the boundaries of fashion by championing designers who dare to think beyond traditional practices and align with the organization’s mission of pushing the envelope for ethical practices in the industry.

This year’s theme was “Harmony” – an exploration of the transformative power of fashion, a catalyst for personal and societal change. “Harmony” embraces the notion of harmonious existence, not only among people, animals, and the environment but also within the natural elements themselves.Through showcasing fashion brands that prioritize sustainable sourcing of materials (earth), promote responsible water usage and highlight the importance of clean water initiatives (water), prioritize reduced carbon emissions and innovative design (air), and embrace transformative practices such as upcycling and repurposing materials (fire), “Harmony” creates a space where fashion, ethics, and the four elements Weave to foster a transformative and harmonious future.

Vegan Fashion Week’s Ambassador, Richa Moorjani, powerfully kicked off the event with a compelling speech, emphasizing the urgent need for action towards true sustainability in the fashion industry.

“I couldn’t be more grateful today or inspired by Emmanuelle Rienda, the pioneering architect and founder of Vegan Fashion Week. She has devoted herself to creating a world that values the interconnectedness of all beings and the health of our planet, while still celebrating creative designers who weave sustainable innovation, compassion and the harmony of the four elements – into every piece. Let us remember, if the future of fashion doesn’t exclude exploitation, there will be no future, period.” – Richa Moorjani, VFW’s Ambassador

A Perfect Jane, a pioneering ethical and sustainable women’s shoe brand from the Netherlands, embodied the water element with fluid elegance in collaboration with Emmanuelle Rienda’s styling which incorporated earthy tones of thoughtfully curated thrifted and vintage pieces, splendidly invoked the power of reusable fashion, emphasizing the importance of improving longevity and sustainability in the industry. Expertly merging style and sustainability, this partnership seamlessly navigates the ever-changing tides of the fashion world without compromising on ethics or quality.

Channeling the earth element’s grounding energy, Guillaume Larquemain, founder of an innovative apple skin luxury goods brand, showcased the enduring strength and beauty within sustainable designs and his first apparel collection. His creations pay homage to the earth while utilizing emerging bio-materials, augmented reality technologies, and impeccable French craftsmanship.

Embodying the fire element, Nikki Green ignited the runway with a 100% vegan, luxury ready-to-wear line that embodies fierce passion and determination. As a trailblazing Black-owned brand, it’s leading the charge by driving sustainable innovation and pushing the boundaries of fashion. The show featured shoe designer Willa Phoenix, who created the first plant-based shoe to ever walk the Oscars red carpet.

Finally, the air element breathed life into the event with Emmy-nominated Mychal-Bella Bowman‘s spoken words. Her eloquent expressions and enchanting presence at the Vegan Fashion Week lended a refreshing perspective, inspiring us all while tying together the essence of each designer’s harmonious creations.

“Vegan Fashion Week goes beyond just a trend. It’s a beacon of transformation, guiding us towards a fashion future where humanity and animals coexist in compassion and harmony. It’s an exciting and meaningful journey, reflecting the emphasis we put on our choices and their impact. Representing my generation, I see the power and necessity of this movement. After all, our future is crafted from our actions today. Our choices, the designs we wear, the fashion culture we cultivate, all resonate loudly about the world we desire.” – Mychal-Bella Bowman

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About Vegan Fashion Week

Vegan Fashion Week is an innovative and rapidly growing platform dedicated to showcasing ethical and sustainable fashion. Established in 2018 in Los Angeles by French creative director Emmanuelle Rienda, this trailblazing event has evolved into an international movement that is significantly influencing the fashion industry. By promoting eco-friendly and cruelty-free practices, Vegan Fashion Week continually encourages designers, brands, and consumers to embrace a responsible fashion lifestyle. Through compelling showcases and dedicated partnerships, the movement aims to foster a global community that supports the principles of sustainability and social responsibility, ultimately contributing to the much-needed transformative change within the fashion world.

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