Samata featured VOGUE BUSINESS

As the Cannes Film Festival reaches its climax, Vogue Business is pleased to present a short film celebrating the contribution of British fashion talent to the film and television industry. In this exclusive[…]


Not just another magazine. WHEREVER works with the world’s best writers  – on travel, tech, architecture, people, food, shopping, trends, business and more. Story telling at its best.  See Samata’s feature here.

Samata featured in Disruptors – Series 1

The term ‘disruptor’ can sometimes be used with negative connotations but every transformative agent of positive change throughout the course of history has had to disrupt something – the status quo.  The first[…]

AIR Magazine

Samata included in Air Magazine. Entitled, ‘Changing Clothes’ Samata spoke to journalist John Thatcher discussing everything from social justice and environmental respect, across to working with young designers and material innovation.

Country & Townhouse

Samata Pattinson gives her top tips for an eco-friendly clothes clear out here.

Country & Town House

Ask the charismatic Samata Pattinson, CEO of Red Carpet Green Dress (, why we need to think about what we wear and her response is emphatic: ‘Because the world is on fire and[…]

LOHAS Magazine ‘Green Women Power List 100’

Samata included on LOHAS Magazine’s ‘Green Women Power List 100’ with an incredible group including Jane Goodall, Susan Rockefeller, Marina Abramović, Lil Miquela, Clare Farrell of Extinction Rebellion, Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu of UNFCCC, Samata[…]


12 Knockout Style Moments Of 2020 That Made Vintage The Most Appealing Trend Link here.

33 Inspiring Black Women ‘A Letter To Myself’

Inspiring ‘A Letter To Myself…’ WOTC magazine feature for Samata to celebrate the Entertainment industry and Black History Month. Samata was one of 33 exceptional girls and women of colour forming part of[…]